Paris sees three weeks of locking in Covid-19 and then “reopening everything”

The city of Paris is considering proposing a three-week suspension in an attempt to “reopen everything” in the City of Lights afterwards, the deputy mayor said on Thursday, calling the current night ban a “half measure” and a “half prison” It never ends.

In an interview with French broadcaster Franceinfo, Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire said that the left-wing City Hall is considering proposing an independent local shutdown for the French capital to stop the “worrying” emergence of new coronavirus infections there, with “the prospect of reopening everything” after, including its theaters, cinemas and restaurants.

Grégoire described the current measures against Covid-19 imposed by Emmanuel Macron’s central government, including the country’s curfew 18.00 to 06.00, as “half-measures with poor results”, adding that “we cannot be forced to live in half-prison for months”.

Like the rest of the country, Paris has been under curfew since December 15, but bars, restaurants and cultural venues have been closed even longer.

Grégoire’s comments came on the heels of Prime Minister Jean Castex’s announcement on Thursday that Paris and 19 other regions of the country were placed under “increased surveillance” and that they risk being shut down this weekend in early March unless the number of new coronavirus infections drops. . The southern city of Nice and the northern part of Dunkirk have already been ordered for locking on weekends.

On Wednesday, France reported 31,000 new Covid-19 cases – the highest since November – as the British variant has taken hold of the country and accounts for “almost half” of all new cases, according to Health Minister Olivier Véran.

On Friday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal told France Inter-radio that “clearly, [Paris city hall’s proposal] will be studied ”, but noted that he had some doubts as to whether such a short lock would be effective.

After right-wing critics slammed the idea, calling it a public relations stunt for Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo as speculation grows that she will launch a presidential bid for the 2022 election, Grégoire on Friday seemed calm on her earlier comments, insisting they were “an idea and not a suggestion”.

“Anne Hidalgo cannot use Parisians, playing with her life and future, for the sake of public relations stunts aimed primarily at opposing Emmanuel Macron,” the right-wing group Paris led by former minister Rachida Dati said in a statement.

The economic and psychological life of millions of people and the end of 2022 must not be met. It is unacceptable that this situation is extreme. The fact that the French are taken home in these circumstances does not honor France.

– Rachida Dati ن (@datirachida) 25 February 2021

The debate also went high on Twitter. “Let’s stop talking about whether we should limit or not, during the weekend or week, nationally or locally, three weeks in Paris or 6. The situation becomes confusing and no one understands anything anymore. Let us return to the basics: what is the goal, what strategy can we use to achieve it, and what are the appropriate measures to apply? ”Tweeted Mahmoud Zureik, professor of epidemiology.

Mais arrêtons de parler inneslutning ou pas, le WE ou la semaine, nationell ou local, 3 semaines à Paris ou 6.La situation deviant confuse et personne ne comprend plus rien. Fundamental Revenues: What Objective, What Strategy for the Attendant, and What Adapted Measures?

– Mahmoud Zureik (@MahmoudZureik) February 26, 2021

( Jowharwith AFP and REUTERS)