Pro-Trump protests staged across the United States, rival groups collide in Washington

Conservative groups claimed without evidence that the November 3 election was stolen from President Donald Trump staged protests across the country on Saturday, with one in Washington sometimes violent when police broke out sporadic clashes after dark.

Organizers of Stop The Steal, linked to pro-Trump operator Roger Stone, and church groups urged supporters to attend “Jericho Marches” and prayer meetings.

But groups of pro-Trump “Proud Boys” protesters and “Antifa” counter-protesters clashed in central Washington on Saturday night. Police quickly moved in to separate them and used pepper spray on members from both sides, Reuters witnesses said.

About 200 members of the Proud Boys, a violent right-wing extremist group, had joined the marches earlier on Saturday near the Trump Hotel. Many wore combat fatigue, black and yellow shirts and ballistic vests, wore helmets and flashed hand signals used by white nationalists.

Previously held the police in riot equipment and bicycles on the opposing demonstrators apart by blocking streets. After dark, protesters – including members of the aggressive left-wing anti-fascist movement – split into smaller groups to take to the streets in search of their rivals.

Protests were also held in other communities around the country, including Atlanta, Georgia, another state where Trump’s campaign has sought to overthrow Joe Biden’s election victory and Mobile, Alabama, according to local news coverage.

Local media in the Washington capital Olympia reported that one person was shot and three arrested after clashes between pro- and anti-Trump protest groups.

Thousands of people have gathered at Freedom Plaza for the most important #MarchForTrump rally in Washington DC and demand that #stopthesteal According to online videos, the proud boys’ march has now joined the crowd, while some fights broke out in BLM Square.

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‘Take a deep breath’

More than 50 federal and state court decisions have attached to Biden’s victory. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a lengthy lawsuit filed by Texas and backed by Trump, which seeks to overturn voting results in four states.

“Whatever the verdict was yesterday … everyone is taking a deep, deep breath,” retired Army General Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, told protesters before the Supreme Court, citing the court’s refusal to handle the Texas case.

Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with the former Russian ambassador, spoke in his first public speech since Trump pardoned him on November 24.

“My duty to you is to go back to where you are from” and make demands, “Flynn told the audience without being more specific. The US Constitution is not about collective freedom, it is about individual freedoms, and they designed it that way, he said.

Trump, a Republican, has refused to admit defeat and claims without proof that he was denied victory by massive fraud. On his way to Andrews Air Force Base and then the Army-Navy football game in New York, Trump made three passes in the Marine One helicopter over the cheering protesters.

During his first debate with Biden in September, Trump fueled the Proud Boys movement by asking the group to “stand back and stand by.” He later said he condemned the group and “all white supremacists”.

Maskless protests

Trump supporters who carried his campaign flags and signs marched between the Supreme Court, the Capitol and central Washington, which was closed to traffic by police cars and dump trucks.

Few of the marchers wore masks, despite killing COVID-19 and falling, defying a mayoral directive to be worn outside. Several thousand people gathered in Washington, fewer than during a similar protest last month.

When some in the crowd repeated conspiracy theories to the right of the election, a truck trailer flew Trump flags and a sign with the text “Trump Unity” while the national anthem “God Bless the USA” was dazzled.

“Obviously the election has been stolen,” said Mark Paul Jones of Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, who wore a tricorner war hat as he approached the Supreme Court with his wife.

Trump “rail out of office,” he said, adding that Biden won with the participation of the Supreme Court, the FBI, the Department of Justice and the CIA. The Supreme Court “did not even take the time to try the case,” Jones said.

Eddy Miller of Philadelphia, who sold Trump campaign T-shirts, said he was sure “there was fraud despite what I see on the news” about court decisions hitting fraud.

The Battle of Jericho

Some protesters referred to the biblical miracle at the Battle of Jericho, where the city walls crumbled after soldiers and priests who blew horns marched around it.

In his speech, Flynn told the protesters that they were all inside Jericho after breaking its walls.

Ron Hazard from Morristown, New Jersey, was one of five people who stopped at the Department of Justice to blow shofars – a frame horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies – to bring down the “spiritual” walls of corruption. “

“We believe that what is happening in this county is an important thing. There is a balance between biblical values ​​and anti-biblical values,” Hazard said.

His small group, including a member wearing a Jewish prayer shawl called a Talit, are Christians “who love the Jewish people. We love Israel,” he said.