Senegalese student who disappeared in France says she is “good, safe and deeply sad”

An award-winning Senegalese student whose disappearance in France caused concern in both countries said she took “a short break to regain my senses” and apologized to those who were worried about her in exchanges published by a Senegalese government minister.

The exchanges, which were published late on Thursday by Water and Sanitation Minister Serigne Mbaye Thiam, are the first news from Diary Sow, 20, who had not seen since the Christmas weekend.

Sow, who was enrolled at the prestigious Louis-Le-Grand lycee (high school) in Paris, said she was looking for “a kind of welcome break” and did not flee or hide.

She said she was surprised and saddened by the feeling her disappearance had caused.

The minister told AFP that he published excerpts from a letter and exchange with Sow on his Twitter account with the consent of the woman and her family.

“This tweet is really mine,” said Thiam, who as Senegal’s education minister sponsored Sow for several years.

In the tweeted excerpts, Sow asked his mentor “to calm the people who are looking for me. I’m fine, I’m sure. I know I’m terrible, deeply sad.”

Sow won an award for being Senegal’s best student in 2018 and 2019 and also wrote a novel published in France last year, “The Face of an Angel”.

Sow, who comes from a modest background, won a scholarship to Louis-Le-Grand, where she studies physics, chemistry and technology.

After spending the Christmas weekend in Toulouse at a friend’s home, Sow failed to show up when lessons resumed on January 4th.

The Senegalese consul in Paris reported her disappearance on January 7 and French prosecutors had launched an investigation into her disappearance.

A source close to the case said in recent days that they had favored a theory of voluntary resignation.