The Central African Republic is facing food shortages as violence disrupts the main trade route


As unrest over the disputed presidential election continues in the Central African Republic, attacks by a coalition of rebels have forced truck drivers off the roads, leading to food shortages in the capital. France 24 met the affected truck drivers as well as the locals in Bangui’s market district to find out more.

The Central African Republic’s main trade route, the road connecting Cameroon with Bangui, has been abandoned after rebel forces launched a series of attacks last month. The disturbance means that hundreds of trucks are stuck waiting to move and translated into a shortage of consumers.

Prices for basic foods such as onions have tripled in the capital’s largest food market. Air transport is expensive, but is still the only solution when the disruption continues.

The government has promised to provide escorts for trucks from Tuesday.

France 24’s Clément Di Roma submitted this report from Bangui. To watch, click on the video player above.