The truth or false 2021: We answer your questions about false news!

JowharObservers gives you a special episode every year about how to verify online content and dismiss misinformation for France’s official press and media week.

For the seventh edition of Truth or Fake, we collaborated with the French Center for Education in Media and Information to answer questions from French high school students about how we cover fake news.

Thanks to the teachers and students who participated in this section!

It was presented by Derek Thomson and Catherine Bennett in English, Maëva Poulet and Alexandre Capron in French, Djamel Belayachi and Fatma Ben Hamad in Arabic, and Erika Olavarria and Natalia Ruiz Giraldo in Spanish.

Each week, the team observes Observer’s inaccurate information circulating on the Internet, finds the truth behind online posts, tells them where they come from, and explains how to actually check photos and videos.

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