Trump gaffe takes down France’s Macron from president to prime minister

President Donald Trump likes to make fun of his rival Joe Biden’s verbal demise, but on Saturday he made his own block when he fired a pot-fired shot at French President Emmanuel Macron and effectively put him down.

Trump’s mistake in downgrading Macron to prime minister came as he spoke at a campaign rally in Michigan, one of a host of stops he makes in the last three weeks of the president’s race, while following Democrat Biden in the polls.

Trump had talked about the old NAFTA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, which he called a bad deal for America and insisted on renegotiating when he turned to Macron and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Trump, who questions the science behind global warming, pulled the United States out of that milestone global deal in 2017, saying it cost American jobs.

“And you know what else I stopped? Paris’ environmental agreement,” Trump said.

“And I like Prime Minister Macron. But I said ‘how are you doing over there? How is the deal going?’ They are not doing too well, “Trump said.

“I saved you trillions of dollars, no one else would have done it. I said it was a disaster, they would pretty much take our wealth.”

Trump used to enjoy a kind of bromance relationship with Macron, but their ties have cooled over the years and included a so-called handshake war – in which Macron mimicked the US president’s penchant for shaking hard and not letting go.

At a bilateral meeting in 2019, Macron grabbed Trump’s hand for so long, leaving a white fingerprint on it.


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