Trump talks about “no new wars” and stands up to China in farewell address

US President Donald Trump said in a farewell address on Tuesday, his last full day in office, that he was the first president in many years to leave office without starting a war.

“I’m especially proud to be the first president in decades not to start any new wars,” Trump said, according to excerpts from the address released by the White House just before its Tuesday broadcast.

The outgoing Republican president also considered his toughness on China, saying he had brought unprecedented international pressure on the communist American rival.

“We revived our alliances and united the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before,” he said in the speech.

Trump called for prayers for the new government for President-elect Joe Biden but still refused to recognize his Democratic successor by name, according to excerpts from the White House.

“This week we are inaugurating a new administration and praying for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous,” Trump said, according to the White House.

“Now that I am preparing to hand over power to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started has only just begun,” he said.

Trump is about to leave Washington early on Wednesday morning and has planned a major farewell event at nearby Joint Base Andrews.

Once there, he gets on Air Force One for the last time, flies to Florida and becomes the first outgoing president in more than a century to skip the inauguration of his successor.

( Jowharwith AFP, AP and REUTERS)