U.S. police fire after killing unarmed black man in Columbus, Ohio

A white police officer who shot a black man in Columbus, Ohio, was fired last week on Monday, city officials said.

The death of Andre Maurice Hill sparked outrage in a country that has been plagued by protests against police brutality and systemic racism since the spring.

The 47-year-old African-American was in the garage of a house when he was shot several times by a police officer who had been called to the scene of a minor incident.

The officer, Adam Coy, was initially suspended after the shooting.

“The evidence provided a solid basis for dismissal,” said Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan. “Mr. Coy must now answer to the state investigators for Andre Hill’s death.”

Hill, who was unarmed during the shooting, was the second African-American to be killed by police in less than three weeks in Columbus.

“Andre Hill’s death is another tragic example of the police’s tendency to see black people as criminal or dangerous, and it points to the need for a comprehensive, national police reform,” said Ben Crump, a lawyer who has represented the families of several of the victims of police killings. , including George Floyd, whose death in May triggered the biggest wave of racial protests in decades.