Niger: Former Rebel Launches Resistance Movement against Coup

In the face of the coup leaders, a Resistance Council for the Republic was established in Niger on Wednesday. Its objective is to restore the deposed president Mohamed Bazoum, who is still being held at his residence.

Behind this initiative is the former Tuareg rebel Rhissa Ag Boula, a well-known figure in the region.

If ECOWAS were to intervene militarily, Senegal has announced that it would send a contingent. This participation was announced last week by the country’s foreign minister. Abdou Karim Fofana, spokesperson for the Senegalese government, answered our questions.

In Kenya, the government and the opposition have sat down at the same table, and the hope of breaking the political deadlock seems to have become a reality.

For months, the country has been shaken by a protest movement against President William Ruto. The demands relate to the electoral system and the cost of living.

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