Operation Almahaou: A closer look at Niger-France military collaboration

In late 2022, the military of Niger expressed great satisfaction with its cooperation with France in their fight against terrorism, unlike Mali and Burkina Faso – the other two countries in the tri-border area of the Sahel which is considered the most dangerous.

Only Niger has shown willingness to have French military presence on their soil in the form of Operation Almahaou.

Our correspondent Harold Girard was given the rare opportunity to capture footage of the military maneuvers in the Tillabéri region in western Niger.

The French military presence in Niger is unique compared to other countries in the region.

Operation Almahaou is likely aimed at countering terrorism and other security threats in the region.The Tillabéri region may be a particularly vulnerable area for such threats.

The footage captured by Harold Girard provides a rare glimpse into the operations of the French military in Niger.

The presence of foreign troops on African soil is often controversial and raises questions about sovereignty and neocolonialism.

It is unclear how long the French military will remain in Niger or if other countries in the region will follow suit.

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