Refusal of Expulsion: Comoros Denies Entry to Migrants from Mayotte Island by France

The Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean, have declared that they will not accept migrants who are being expelled from the French island of Mayotte due to a controversial campaign.

Operation Wuambushu, which translates to “Take Back,” is set to begin next week and will target illegal immigrants who have established makeshift homes on Mayotte.

Those without the proper documentation will be sent back to Anjouan Island, which is 45 miles away from Mayotte.

“The Comoros do not intend to welcome people expelled as part of the operation planned by the French government in Mayotte,” said government spokesman Houmed Msaidie.

Paris has approved the expulsion plans, but Comoros officials have requested that they be cancelled since they violate established agreements between the two countries.

Mayotte, which is France’s poorest department but benefits from French infrastructure support and welfare, has been experiencing an influx of migrants from the Comoros due to the lack of resources and opportunities on the islands.

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