Scores of civilians killed in northeastern Burkina Faso by groups of terrorists armed with weapons.

According to the regional governor, “armed terrorist groups” have killed 44 people in the northeastern region of Burkina Faso near the Niger border.

The villages of Kourakou and Tondobi were targeted, with 31 people killed in Kourakou and 13 in Tondobi.

An army offensive was launched against these groups, and the governor ensured that efforts to stabilize the area are underway.

Burkina Faso has been facing a seven-year-long insurgency campaign by jihadists associated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

The villagers said that Kourakou was attacked in retaliation for the lynching of two jihadists a few days earlier.

The country’s army has recently acquired drones, and Burkina Faso’s new military chief has vowed to increase attacks against jihadists in the upcoming days.

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