Spain: Body of baby identified by police after shipwreck in Mediterranean

The body of a baby found a week ago on a beach in Catalonia (northeast) was that of an eight-month-old girl who died like her parents in the sinking of a migrant boat in the Mediterranean, a Spanish Civil Guard said on Tuesday.


This child suffered the same fate as her parents: the body of an eight-month-old baby was found a week ago on a beach in Catalonia (northeast) after a migrant boat sank in the Mediterranean, the Spanish Civil Guard said on Tuesday, July 18.

“It is an eight-month-old girl who came from Algeria with her parents and whose boat was wrecked on April 6” off the Mediterranean archipelago of the Balearic Islands (east), the Civil Guard said in a press release.

His body was found on July 11 on a beach in Roda de Berà in the province of Tarragona.

She was able to be identified thanks to DNA analyzes establishing a relationship with an “identified” woman whose body was found on April 6 off the Balearic Islands, the Civil Guard adds. Spain, a gateway for illegal migrants in Europe

The boat, which had left the Algerian city of Cherchell (north) on March 21, was carrying fifteen people, including the parents of the little girl. No one survived the wreck, and eight bodies have since been recovered, according to the Civil Guard.

Spain is one of the main points of entry for illegal migrants in Europe.

According to the latest figures from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, 14,021 migrants arrived irregularly by sea or by land in Spain between January and mid-July, a decrease of 6.5% compared to the previous year.

The majority (7,590, a figure down 18.5%) arrived via the Canary Islands off the north-west coast of Africa, compared to 5,781 on the mainland or the Balearic coasts (+ 46.7%).


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