The interview – “By announcing his non-candidacy, Macky Sall delivered the whole country”, says opponent Khalifa Sall

Khalifa Sall, leader of the opposition party Taxawu Senegal, gave an interview to and RFI from Dakar, where he was mayor. He believed that by announcing that he was not a candidate for re-election, President Macky Sall “delivered the whole country” and gave a “favorable response to a request that has become national”. Khalifa Sall has confirmed his intention to run for the next presidential election.

From the capital of his country, the leader of the Taxawu Senegal party welcomes the announcement by Macky Sall the day before that he will not run for a third presidential term.

“A nice surprise”, and “a liberating moment for the people”, “a good democratic airing for our country”, he comments.

The opponent and former mayor of Dakar (2009-2018) confirms that he wants to run in the presidential elections scheduled for February 2024 and continues to “believe that President Macky Sall will ensure that the upcoming vote is more calm “.

His ally in the Yewwi Askan Wi opposition coalition, Ousmane Sonko, accuses him of making a deal with Macky Sall that could be summed up as “Khalifa Sall’s electability against his participation in the national dialogue”. “Futile controversy and unfounded accusation” rejects Khalifa Sall.

Khalifa Sall refuses to reject a candidacy by Ousmane Sonko, sentenced to two years in prison in a morals case.

On the horizon of the presidential elections in February 2024, Taxawu Senegal advocated inclusion, explains the former mayor of Dakar. “This implies that anyone who wants to be a candidate can do so”, and this “regardless of whether it is X or Y”, reiterates Khalifa Sall. According to him, discussions are underway to allow this to be the case.

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