Tonse Government in Malawi: CCJP Claims Loss of Direction, Lacks Plan to Alleviate Suffering

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has stated that the socio-economic crisis currently experienced by Malawians is evidence that the Tonse Alliance administration lacks direction and does not know how to address the crisis.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Commission argues that good stewardship in governing democratic societies includes the responsibility to care for and protect citizens during times of crisis and need.

On the contrary, the CCJP leadership notes that despite the increasing cries of Malawians, political leaders have failed to pay attention to their concerns.

“Malawi is currently facing a socioeconomic crisis, and it is evident that both the macroeconomic and microenvironment are causing significant harm to the majority of the poor population.

“Overall, the socio-economic well-being of Malawians has deteriorated, and the political leaders seem to be lost and clueless in finding solutions to the numerous challenges facing the country.

“The country is at a crossroads, and its citizens feel like lost sheep whose shepherd has lost touch with the principles of servant leadership,” reads the preamble of the statement co-signed by CCJP National Coordinator Boniface Chibwana and his Diocesan Coordinators.

The Diocesan Coordinators include Joseph Kampango of the Archdiocese of Blantyre, Enock Kamundi of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Acting CCJP Coordinator of the Diocese of Mangochi, Fr. Dr. Raphael, Lawrence Puliti of the Diocese of Dedza, Lewis Msiyadungu of the Diocese of Chikwawa, Acting CCJP Coordinator for the Diocese of Zomba, Father Patrick Kamba, Felix Manda of the Diocese of Mzuzu, and Cuthbert Mkandawire, who is the Acting CCJP Coordinator for the Diocese of Karonga.

In their statement, they express deep concerns about the prevailing social injustice and pray for Malawi’s political leaders to regain their moral enlightenment and become responsive to the cries of Malawians.

Nevertheless, the CCJP leadership commends the current government for some positive achievements in certain areas, such as the fair distribution of infrastructure developments across the country to promote national development.

“The ongoing road construction projects in all regions of the country are a positive aspect that deserves recognition. Therefore, citizens expect these infrastructure projects to be completed in a timely manner without any politicization.

“As the people of Malawi commend the Government for these commendable milestones, they also expect the authorities to be accountable and transparent, considering the involvement of funds,” the statement reads.

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