Ukraine reclaims 3 km² from Russian forces near Bakhmut

Ukraine has retaken 3 km² from Russian forces near Bakhmout in the occupied east of the country, while there has been no significant change on the southern front, according to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Maliar.


Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Danish lawmakers for assisting his country in resisting the Russian invasion, a day after Denmark and the Netherlands announced that they would provide Kiev with American-made F-16 warplanes.

The Ukrainian president stated that if the Russian invasion succeeded, other regions in Europe would be threatened by Kremlin military aggression. “All of Russia’s neighbors are threatened if Ukraine does not prevail,” he said in a speech in Copenhagen.

Volodymyr Zelensky portrays Ukraine as defending Western values of freedom and democracy against tyranny and argues that Ukraine must be properly equipped to withstand Russia’s far superior strength.

F-16s will instill fresh confidence and motivation in both warriors and ordinary citizens. They will produce fresh results for Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

I thank you once again, dear @MinPres Mark, @Statsmin Mette, your teams, and the peoples of the Netherlands and Denmark. Ukraine retakes 3 km² from Russian forces near Bakhmout, no change on the southern front

Ukraine has retaken 3 km² from Russian forces near Bakhmout in the occupied east of the country, while there has been no significant change on the southern front, according to a Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister.

“An additional three square kilometers have been liberated” near Bakhmout in the past week, Ganna Maliar stated on Ukrainian television, adding that her forces have retaken 43 km² since June. “In the south, there has been no significant change, our defenders continue to advance towards the occupied cities of Berdiansk and Melitopol,” she added.

Since early June, Ukraine has been engaged in a massive counteroffensive to try to liberate the regions occupied by Moscow.

In the northeastern part of Ukraine, in the Koupiansk area, the only sector of the front where Russian forces are attacking, Ganna Maliar assured that the Ukrainian line is holding, while evacuations have begun in the area. “All battles over the past week have ended in the enemy’s defeat, the enemy has not advanced there,” she stated.

7 h 25: Russia says it has thwarted two Ukrainian drone attacks near Moscow

Russia has thwarted two new Ukrainian drone attacks in the Moscow region, which caused no casualties, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

Around 6:50 local time (3:50 GMT), an attempt by Kiev to carry out a “terrorist attack using an unmanned aerial vehicle (…) was thwarted,” the ministry stated on the Telegram social network.

Detected by air defense in the Moscow region, the device was “neutralized by electronic warfare means” and then “crashed near the village of Pokrovskoye in the Odintsovo district,” southwest of the capital, the Russian Defense Ministry added.

Another “terrorist attack by the Kiev regime” was thwarted at 8:16 a.m. (5:16 GMT), with Russian air defense shooting down a drone in the Istra district, also in the Moscow region, northwest of the Russian capital, according to the same source.

According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport imposed restrictions on departures and arrivals and redirected several flights to other locations.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the “historic” decision by the Netherlands and Denmark to deliver a total of 61 American F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, two days after receiving American approval on the matter.

On the ground, drones targeted Russian regions at the border with Ukraine, including Kursk and Rostov, causing five injuries. The Ukrainian region of Kharkiv was also targeted by the Russian military on Sunday: two explosive devices dropped from a drone in the afternoon killed one person, according to local military authorities.


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