Unsure Nigerian Elections: Can a Third Celebration Candidate Power a Presidential Runoff?

Will the Nigerian two-party system shiver? Africa’s most populous nation has identified its share of painful campaigns, however by no means because the 1999 return to democracy has there been a presidential run-off. Now, in a rustic the place the typical age is eighteen, can voters get away with huge tent events and candidates who’re effectively into their 70s?

The third man, who’s 61, can be a veteran politician. However Peter Obi is working as a reform insurgent and hopes to harness the power of the anti-corruption protest motion in 2020 to finish SARS. Can he break the racial arithmetic that goes into the election course of in Nigeria? What does “Obi” and his opponents stand for?

And what about earlier guarantees of reform equivalent to these made by the outgoing Muhammadu Buhari? As all the time, poverty, the spoils of oil income, and the shortcoming to supply solutions to insurgencies and insecurities will likely be on the forefront of voters’ minds.

Produced by Alessandro Ksinos, Juliette Lorraine and Emene Melaz.

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