US daily death toll from Covid-19 below 1000 for the first time in months

For the first time in nearly three and a half months, the United States recorded fewer than 1,000 deaths in one day from Covid-19 on Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In 24 hours, 749 people died of coronavirus, well below the peak of 4473 deaths recorded on January 12.

The United States’ daily death toll has not been below 1,000 since November 29, when 822 people died in a 24-hour period.

This indicates that the slowdown in the epidemic continues in the United States, where infection levels and deaths have fallen to similar levels as before Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holidays marked by travel and larger gatherings that increased the spread of the virus.

The slowdown is good news for President Joe Biden, whose colossal $ 1.9 trillion support plan successfully passed the Senate on Saturday and will strengthen his large-scale vaccination strategy.

The US vaccine campaign launched in December is now in full swing, with almost 10 percent of the US population – about 31.5 million people – receiving either the two shots needed for the Pfizer or Modern vaccines, or the only shot in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The health authorities added cautious optimism on Monday when they announced that vaccinated people could meet in small groups indoors without wearing masks or the need for social distancing.

However, they must continue to respect these precautions in the presence of unvaccinated people and in public places.


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