What is the Price of a Laptop in South Africa?

An investigation into Bojanala Platinum District Municipality in the North West Province has revealed that over R134 million originally planned for a housing project was spent on a range of other goods and services.

The probe, led by Nexia SAB&T, has resulted in the arrest of Patrick Shikwane, the suspended municipal manager, and Moses Malesa, director of Marole-Nameng Trading Enterprise.

The duo were prosecuted in the Rustenburg Specialised Commercial Crimes Court, facing charges of large-scale fraud.

Among the most shocking findings, the municipality spent a staggering R2 million on just two laptops and paid R10 million to an events company that seemingly does not exist.

Another eyebrow-raising expense included R359,500 for lunch and transportation to a one-day meeting. Additionally, a whopping R299,500 was spent on a mere 60 food parcels – an amount of R4,991 per parcel.

Adding to the situation, the investigation shows possible manipulation of certain processes.

In several instances, service purchase orders were suspiciously dated after the respective service invoices had been issued.

In their defence, Shikwane, along with chief financial officer Leslina Ndlovu, claim they acted under the direction of Executive Mayor Fetsang Mokati. The report, however, recommends strong disciplinary action against all implicated officials.

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