Where it is mandatory and what changes on August 9th

France has made it mandatory to show a passe sanitaire (health pass) — proving you’ve been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19 — for access to public venues for more than 50 people since July 21. On August 9, the health pass required will be extended to a range of new environments, including long-distance transport, restaurants and cafes – even France’s famous outdoor terraces.

The controversial extension of the health pass that will come into effect on August 9 has already sparked protests, but the government is determined to go ahead and make the pass an important part of the fight against Covid-19. The Constitutional Council, France’s highest judicial authority, will rule on the new legislation on August 5. adapt to the new rules.

Any of the following documents can be used as a health card in France:

Evidence of a vaccination program (two doses of an EU-approved vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson) A negative PCR or antigen test taken within the last 48 hours A Covid-19 recovery certificate that is less than six months old

Anyone who enters a branch without showing a valid pass can be fined €135 for a first violation.

Where a health pass is required

From July 21: Cultural and recreational venues of more than 50 people

Cinemas Cinemas Nightclubs, discotheques and bars with dance halls Gaming halls, casinos Museums Zoos, amusement parks, circuses Swimming pools and sports centers Theaters Concerts and festivals Indoor sports facilities Cruise ships, ferries Hotels, resorts and campsites with swimming pools, playgrounds or other entertainment facilities

>> Covid-19 ‘health pass’ comes into effect for access to French cultural venues

From August 9th

Cafés and restaurants, including outdoor terraces Trade fairs, fairs and conferences Nursing homes and retirement homes Long-distance transport (airplanes, intercity trains, TGV, night trains, long-distance buses) Medical institutions (excluding emergency care) Hotels, holiday resorts and full-service campsites (excluding campsites that only provide accommodation, offer lodges and guest rooms)

>> French parliament passes law requiring Covid pass for restaurants, travel from August

Access to shopping centers is allowed unless otherwise determined by local authorities in the event of a regional outbreak.

The health pass rules will apply to minors aged 12 and older from September 30.

The rules will apply until November 15, unless extended by a parliamentary vote.

France has made the Covid-19 health pass mandatory since July 21 for access to public places for more than 50 people. On August 9, the health pass requirement will be extended to a range of new institutions. © FRANCE 24

Source: The French Government

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