Can Florida Governor Ron DeSantis compete with Donald Trump?

It was no longer a secret on Wednesday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is joining the Republican presidential candidates in challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 nomination.

Despite being described as an elitist with impressive academic credentials, military service and conservative credentials, DeSantis needs to walk a fine line between appealing to Trump’s supporters and distancing himself from Trump in order to win the Republican nomination.

As part of his campaign strategy, he has been visiting states that hold early voting contests and has been waiting to receive conservative credibility by allowing the Florida Legislature to give him policy victories including the six-week abortion ban, making it easier for Floridian’s to carry concealed weapons, and eliminating funding for diversity programmes at public universities.

He has also made an effort to buff up his foreign policy credentials and has supported tough sanctions on Russia, whereas former President Trump prefers a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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