Former Bolivian President Anez has been released on bail

Boline’s former president Jeanine Anez submitted a request on Friday to be released from custody for health reasons.

Authorities arrested and detained Anez, 53, last weekend on charges of leading a coup against his socialist predecessor, Evo Morales.

According to Anez’s daughter Carolina Ribera, the former leader is suffering from a “high blood pressure crisis.”

Anez’s lawyers asked the court in La Paz to release the conservative policy to a clinic for treatment, according to a document sent to AFP.

A decision on whether to release Anez will be made later on Friday.

Anez has been held in the women’s prison in La Paz since Sunday.

She was arrested on Saturday on charges of terrorism, insurgency and conspiracy along with her former justice ministries.

The United States expressed “concern” over the move, while the Organization of American States (OAS) called for the release of “all detainees in this context”, while questioning the impartiality of Bolivia’s courts.

“The Bolivian judiciary is not in a position to provide the slightest guarantee of a fair trial,” Ouis Secretary-General Luis Almagro said in a statement.

Bolivia is currently led by Luis Arce, a member of Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) party who ran for victory in the November election, regained the presidency and consolidated control of Congress.

Morales and Arce both accused Anez of leading what they call a coup, in which MAS lost the presidency for a year.

Anez came to power in November 2019 after Morales and several leading MAS allies resigned after weeks of protests during his controversial re-election to an unconstitutional fourth term.

When Morales fled into exile, Anez was the top parliamentarian on the left and was sworn in by Congress as interim president despite a lack of quorum, with many MAS lawmakers boycotting the session.

Arrests have been issued for three more ex-ministers as well as former military and police chiefs and even some civilians accused of leading the protests against Morale’s re-election.