Hong Kong will adopt new legislation that adds more “national security” offenses

Hong Kong will ban a host of new national security crimes, city leaders said on Wednesday as she presided over the first session of a new legislative assembly for “only patriots” cut by political opposition.

The law will add to an already comprehensive national security law imposed on Hong Kong directly by Beijing, which has changed the International Financial Center and given the authorities the power to carry out a comprehensive crackdown on dissent.

The current national security law prohibits four crimes: withdrawal, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces.

But on Wednesday, CEO Carrie Lam confirmed that her government will create new “local legislation” that complies with Article 23 of the Hong Kong Mini-Constitution, which requires the city to adopt its own national security laws.

Lam did not describe what the new crimes would be.

But the specific crimes listed in Article 23 are treason, withdrawal, incitement, subversion and theft of state secrets.

It also includes banning foreign political organizations from conducting political activities in Hong Kong or local political organizations establishing links with foreign political bodies.


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