Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party is leaving Europe’s center – right group

On Thursday, the Hungarian ruling party submitted a letter of resignation from its center-right political family, ending years of conflict within the group over Hungary’s record of democratic values ​​and the rule of law.

The letter, released in a tweet by a Vice President of the ruling Fidesz party, Katalin Novak, stated that Fidesz “no longer wants to retain its membership in the European People’s Party”, and that it would resign its place in the Conservative political family.

“It’s time to say goodbye,” Novak wrote in the tweet.

PPE leader Donald Tusk responded immediately: “FIDESZ has left Christian democracy. In truth, it left many years ago. ”

FIDESZ has left Christian democracy. In truth, it left many years ago.

– Donald Tusk (@donaldtuskEPP) March 18, 2021

The right-wing Fidesz resignation from the PPE was largely a formality. It ended the EPP’s election session in the European Parliament two weeks ago after the Conservative group held a vote that would make it easier to expel Fidesz members.

Its membership of the EPP has been suspended since 2019 due to concerns that it eroded the rule of law in Hungary, engaged in rhetoric against Brussels and attacked the PPE leadership.

Many in the EPP had pushed for the expulsion of Fidesz, claiming that they had deviated from their fundamental values ​​of democracy and the rule of law.


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