Illustrates the conflict between Russia and NATO at the Ukrainian border

After a week of talks, the dialogue between Russia, NATO and the United States on the crisis in Ukraine has not succeeded in overcoming differences of opinion. Americans and Europeans condemn the deployment of Russian troops at the border, and Russia continues to deny any desire to attack its neighbor.

Talks were held, but no agreements were reached. The Kremlin, for its part, called the talks “fruitless” on Thursday, while several disagreements stubbornly linger.

It is around this theme that the cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace have mobilized this week, after an intense week of diplomatic discussions on the Ukrainian crisis.

Conclusion: the differences remain and the tensions persist.

Americans and Europeans condemn the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and fear armed conflict. Moscow, for its part, denies any intention to attack Ukraine, but defends what Russia considers to be its “zone of influence” and refuses all integration of Ukraine into NATO.

The author of the drawing, the Frenchman Yas, is interested in creating caricatures and press drawings, which he sees as the best way to develop his artistic sense and to freely address the topics that are important to him.

This artistic commitment stems from Ya’s need to share his work with audiences who are sometimes far from his art (young people, migrants, people in prison, etc.).

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of cartoonists who are committed to promoting freedom of expression, human rights and mutual respect between people from different cultures and beliefs through the universality of press releases.

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