Macron turns to France when Covid-19 cases resume

French President Emmanuel Macron will address the nation on Wednesday at 8 pm Paris time (GMT + 2). He is expected to announce new measures to try to combat a resurgence in Covid-19 that threatens to overwhelm hospitals. See FRANCE 24’s live coverage here.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 per day in France have doubled since February to almost 40,000, with the number of patients in the intensive care units exceeding 5,000 on Tuesday – exceeding the peak during the second shutdown last autumn.

France’s decision to keep schools open (apart from the very first closure in the spring of 2020) has led to more intense criticism from some quarters in recent times. In this context, it is an option to extend the school weekend in April, a government official told Reuters. The news station BMTV reported that schools may be closed for four weeks.

The president is also considering transferring intensive care patients from strained hospitals to regions with lower transfer rates – as France did during the first boom in the spring of 2020 – the source added.

As the EU’s troubled procurement program for jab has led to slow vaccination rates, France had issued a vaccine dose to just 11.75 percent of the population on March 29 – compared to 45.19 percent in the UK, where the vaccine program has competed forward.

Click on the video player above to see FRANCE 24’s live coverage.