No, the Covid-19 vaccine did not make this baby ‘transhuman’

Has the Covid-19 vaccine resulted in the birth of a new generation of “pandemic babies” around the world? That’s what some anti-vaccines would have you believe. A viral video from TikTok shows what some people claim to be one of these genetically mutated babies. The Truth or Fake team got to the bottom of a popular online theory worthy of science fiction.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, a newborn baby sits on a bed in what looks like a hospital, with someone at her side holding her up. His big black eyes look around, blinking slowly. Superimposed on the video is a comment from a woman who tells us, “These pandemic babies are built differently.”

Images of this baby have been posted on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, with captions describing her as “hybrid genetics” or claiming that an “American court” has categorized her and babies like her as “transhumans.” And the cause of the baby’s “genetic mutation”? The Covid-19 vaccine.

Anti-vaccines claim that women who received the Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy inadvertently damaged the genetics of their unborn babies, creating a new breed of “pandemic babies.”

The Truth or Fake team contacted the girl’s mother to ask her about the viral video and some of the online claims that people have made about her daughter. He told us that his daughter has perfectly normal genetics and eyes, and that she was born prematurely, which could explain her slightly underdeveloped appearance. Furthermore, her mother had not even received the Covid-19 puncture when she was pregnant and only received it months after giving birth.

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