The United States is not in a ‘Cold War’ with China, a US trade representative told FRANCE 24


In an interview with FRANCE 24, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai insisted the country was not in a new Cold War with China despite lingering tensions over trade. He also stressed that the United States was eager to repair ties with France and Europe after a recent Australian submarine dispute, which led to the first withdrawal of a French ambassador to the United States.

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai told Jowharthat the United States was eager to repair ties with France and Europe, emphasizing that the Biden administration is deeply committed to the transatlantic relationship and multilateralism. He also expressed hope that an agreement would soon be reached between the US and the EU on steel and aluminum tariffs.

Tai said the Biden administration had decided to open a new dialogue with China on trade disputes and would soon consult with the Chinese vice premier, adding that active participation is the best way to resolve differences. However, he noted that there was “a significant imbalance in our trade relationship” and that it was up to China to show that it was willing to change its “very vigorous” industrial policies and adopt “open market rules”.

When asked about the revelations in the Pandora documents that several U.S. states, including South Dakota, could be considered tax havens, he replied that the Biden administration was committed to fighting corruption and that the The US Department of the Treasury needed to find ways to address laxity. financial rules in certain states.