Tunisia loses protests against the Africa Cup of Nations match which ended prematurely

Tunisia’s protest against their bizarre Africa Cup of Nations defeat against Mali where the referee blew the final whistle twice before being thrown out full time on Thursday.

Mali led Wednesday’s match 1-0 when Zambian official Janny Sikazwe signaled that the match was over after 85 minutes, then again after 89 minutes and 47 seconds – even though three minutes of added time had been planned.

The Tunisians, who were desperately looking for a draw against a Mali team reduced to 10 men, were furious.

When the team was told that the match had to be resumed, only Mali followed it while Tunisia’s players were already in an ice bath and refused to return to the pitch.

“After examining the protest from Tunisia and the reports of all match officials, the organizing committee decided to reject the protest from the Tunisian team … and to approve the match result to 1-0 in favor of Mali,” said a statement released by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). )


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