The crown prize Mohammed bin Salmans, also called MbS, vision is to build a city for SEK 5 trillion with the same area as Massachusetts, which can be compared with the Småland area.

This is what the Wall Street Journal writes. The expansion of the new city began four years ago and is intended to attract “the world’s greatest thinkers and best talents”.

The Saudi Crown Prize wants to create a fantasy city where science fiction meets high technology and become a reality. The city should be equal to Silicon Valley in technology, Hollywood in entertainment and the French Riviera as a holiday paradise.

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The project is called Neom and has 2,300 pages of secret documents where consultants from BCG and McKinsey, among others, are involved.

“We talk about high technology and beyond – in some cases still in a developmental and theoretical stage,” says Nadhmi al Nasr, CEO of Neom.

In the high-tech and futuristic city, according to documents, there should be …
1. Flying taxis
2. Cloud seed that can make it rain
3.Robot Servers
4.MMA robots for entertainment
5. Self-luminous sand
6. An artificial moon
7.Advanced medical facilities
8.The best restaurants, with Michelin stars

To keep the city safe, Neom should have drones, cameras and face recognition, “everything can be recorded,” the city’s foundation has explained.

The first part of the project contains a palace, an airport and a resort, the documents show.

A major goal is to attract Western companies.

According to city planning documents, the city should have “zero work and stress-related illnesses” with residents working at start-ups or companies such as Amazon, which Saudi officials are trying to attract with incentives such as free energy and subsidized labor.

Instead of relying on oil revenues to finance purchased imported goods, MbS wants the project to Saudi Arabia to produce goods and services that the country is currently buying abroad. It is a diversification from the oil dependency.

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“Building Neom from the ground up, with independent systems and regulations, will ensure the best available services without social constraints,” MBS said at a first board meeting, according to the documents.

To develop Neom, the Saudi government plans to relocate more than 20,000 residents, many of whose families have been living in the area for generations.

Former employees and acquaintances with the Neom project have assumed that they do not know how much of the plan will become a reality due to potential investment shortages and technological limitations.

In the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a new public transport system is being built as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategy for the country’s reform. A number of Swedish companies are included in the construction project.