The electric bicycles will be removed from the roads, says Transportstyrelsen’s investigator Hans Cassepierre after a young man died in Helsingborg.

It is a vehicle that should not be in traffic, he says.

A 27-year-old man on an electric bike is said to have come at high speed from a hill when he crashed with a car in Helsingborg late on Thursday evening. He was taken by ambulance to hospital, but his life could not be saved.

The Swedish Transport Agency’s investigator Hans Cassepierre has warned of the dangers of the trendy vehicle before, and is not surprised that there has now been a fatal accident.

“Unfortunately, we have only been waiting for a serious accident to occur, and it is of course extremely tragic that someone is killed,” he says.

In recent months, the number of electric bicycle bicycles in the big cities has increased at a low level, and with that the accidents. Only in Stockholm there are about 1,500 electric bicycles for rent on the city streets and in Malmö about 700.

At the same time, the emergency department in Malmö has stated that every week patients with injuries come from having traveled an electric park bike.

The problem with the vehicles is that it is still unclear how they should be defined, according to Hans Cassepierre. There is no electric bike, which must walk a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour when it lacks pedals and has special requirements for brakes and other functions, and it is also no moped.

We are of the opinion that it is a vehicle that should not be in traffic. This is something else. If they are to be used, they must meet the requirements for the electric cycle, and if they do not, it is a vehicle that must not be used in traffic.

He argues that many electric bicycles are in fact faster than what is described, which can cause accidents. In addition, few drivers have a helmet.

Now it is up to the police to assess whether it is still allowed to drive an electric bicycle, explains the investigator at the Swedish Transport Agency.

But it is the companies that exhibit those who must take their responsibility. They either see to it that they meet the requirements for the electric cycle, or they take their electric bikes out of traffic.

The current company whose electric bicycle was involved in the fatal accident announces that it cooperates with the police to create an image of the event.

“We regret the incident, our thoughts go to family and relatives,” the company writes in a press release and emphasizes that road safety is an important issue.