A minister in the Government of Ghana who was arrested after money was stolen from her home.

July. 25 (Jowhar.com)-Ghanaian minister Cecilia Abena Dapaah may have thought she was doing the right thing to go to the police to report a robbery at her home, but the police arrested her.

According to a court charge sheet related to the people accused of theft, Cecilia Abena Dapaah was robbed of a lot of money.

It describes “cash” of $1m (£780,000), as well as 300,000 euros ($333,000) plus other special items including a handbag valued at $35,000 and $95,000 worth of gold.

It describes “cash” of $1m (£780,000), as well as 300,000 euros ($333,000) plus other special items including a handbag valued at $35,000 and $95,000 worth of gold.

The 68-year-old disputed the figures in court documents but the revelations have angered many Ghanaians.

The value of the country’s money has been falling rapidly in recent months, as the people in charge of the country’s economy are blaming the people who invest in dollars for the problems in the foreign exchange.

It is shocking to many that a government minister herself has foreign currency in her hands. Mrs. Dapaah resigned from the position of Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, a position she held for the last five years on Saturday, so as not to be distracted from government work.

She added that she is confident that any investigation will show that she acted in good faith. but he was put in prison.
The Office of the Special Prosecutor, which deals with corruption charges against senior officials, announced that it had arrested and questioned Ms Dappah “on suspicion of corruption and corruption-related offenses involving large sums of money and other valuables that were allegedly stolen from her residence”.

She was released on bail late on Monday evening after searches of her official and private residences in the capital Accra.

The story begins with a robbery – or maybe several robberies – at the minister’s private home, which she shares with her husband and daughter.
Two women, who were housekeepers for the family, are at the center of the allegations. One of them was allegedly involved in an investigation, while the other was said to have stolen money and other items. They – as well as the other three defendants – did not comment on the allegations.

The summary facts of the investigation, attached to the charge sheet, state that last October Ms Dapaah’s husband, Daniel Osei Kuffour, returned home and heard an “unusual noise” in the bedroom and found a one of the accused hiding behind the door.

Then the couple realized that something was missing but seven months later they went to the police. It is not clear what caused the delay, but during that time the defendants were accused of incurring excessive expenses.

One of them is said to have bought a three-room house on the outskirts of Accra and to have paid her boyfriend to buy two cars – a Hyundai Elantra and a Honda Civic.

The couple also allegedly rented out another three-bedroom house in another city and a storage room.

Another former employee, Ms Dapaah, is accused of using her share of the stolen money to build her own three-bedroom house.

She has been a minister since President Akufo-Addo was first elected in 2017, first in aviation and a year later she was transferred to water and sanitation.

Ms Dapaah is well known as she was one of three women in the president’s cabinet.

Now her political future hangs in the balance as a special prosecutor investigates whether she actually kept cash in her home and where it came from.

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