Cabinet agrees to set up committee to investigate failed coup attempt in PM’s office

The Council of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia met tonight in Mogadishu to discuss key issues related to the country’s situation, politics, security and elections.

The Council condemned the failed December 27 coup attempt at the Council of Ministers and the Office of the Prime Minister, expressing its outrage.

The Council of Ministers has agreed to conduct a thorough investigation into those involved in the attack on the country’s constitutional institutions, with the Prime Minister appointing a five-member commission to conduct a thorough investigation. .

The Cabinet also approved the closing of the 2020 budget. It also endorsed the capital’s security plan presented by the Ministry of Internal Security which calls for the formation of a joint force comprising the various branches of the armed forces.

He thanked the Government for the support of the International Community and the leadership of the Prime Minister in the elections and for the National Consultative Assembly convened by the Prime Minister.

The meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Hussein Roble, also addressed the issue of drought and COVID-19.

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