Dangers for Journalists in Sahel Result from Armed Groups and Juntas

Reporters Without Borders has conducted an investigation into the dangers faced by journalists in the Sahel, the huge, semi-arid region plagued by armed groups, jihadism, and instability.

In its report titled “What it’s like to be a journalist in the Sahel”, the NGO warned that journalists in the area face increasing difficulties in carrying out their work freely.

The Sahel region is increasingly becoming a no-go area for journalists due to the rising frequency of terrorist attacks.

The report included several acts of violence against journalists, including five murders and six disappearances from 2013-2023.

The NGO called on the governments in the region to ensure that the over 110 million people residing in the area are continually informed by independent journalists.

In the Sahel, there is a real risk that journalists may be deprived of collecting and verifying critical information, leading to self-censorship – this danger must be addressed, the report stated.

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