Iran urged by US to support political resolution in Yemen conflict.

The United States is urging Iran to support the peace process in Yemen and help put an end to the conflict.

Despite being a supporter of the Huthi rebels who have taken control of a large part of the country, Iran recently announced its reconciliation with Saudi Arabia, whose government was supported by a devastating air campaign.

The US special envoy for Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, is calling for Iran to show support for the political process and stop the smuggling of weapons to the Huthis,

in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. The United Nations’ Yemen envoy, Hans Grundberg, sees the first anniversary of the ceasefire as a moment of hope, despite significant risks.

With hundreds of thousands of lives claimed in a decade of fighting, President Joe Biden has prioritized ending the conflict, reversing the military support provided by his predecessor Donald Trump to the Saudis.

The Saudi-Iran agreement has been announced by China, a rare occurrence in a region that has traditionally been dominated by the United States.

Diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran remain suspended since the latter’s Islamic revolution in 1979, which saw the overthrow of the pro-Western shah.

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