North Korea says it has examined an underwater nuclear assault drone

North Korea’s official information company mentioned Friday it had examined a brand new underwater nuclear strike drone below the route of chief Kim Jong Un this week, as a US amphibious assault ship arrived in South Korea for joint workouts.

The state-run North Information Company additionally confirmed that it fired cruise missiles in the course of the weapon check and firing train that passed off from Tuesday to Thursday.

Through the underwater train, North Korea’s drone floated for greater than 59 hours and exploded in waters off the east coast on Thursday, KCNA mentioned. He didn’t elaborate on the drone’s nuclear capabilities.

The company mentioned that the unmanned plane system goals to launch stealth assaults in enemy waters and destroy naval strike teams and main ports of operations.

“This underwater nuclear assault drone could be deployed on any coast and port or towed by a floor ship for operation,” the information company mentioned.

In a separate firing drill, North Korea additionally confirmed that it fired 4 cruise missiles on Wednesday to apply finishing up tactical nuclear strike missions.

It added that the missiles carried an “experimental warhead simulating a nuclear warhead” and flew 1,500 to 1,800 kilometers.

South Korea’s navy mentioned North Korea fired 4 cruise missiles off its east coast on Wednesday.

North mentioned the current weapons coaching and testing had not had a damaging affect on the safety of neighboring nations.


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