ECOWAS Activates its Standby Force: ‘Peaceful Resolution’ Remains the Goal (Bola Tinubu)

Four days after the end of the ultimatum given by ECOWAS to the Nigerian junta, the institution has ordered the deployment of the organization’s “standby force” to restore constitutional order in Niger, without specifying the immediate form and role of this deployment. Seidik Abba, a journalist and Sahel specialist, answered our questions.

Libya and Tunisia have agreed on a distribution of stranded exiles, some of whom have been stuck near Ras Jedir, a desert area between the two countries, for over a month.

The challenge is significant as waste sorting is not common in Togo. To try to remedy this, a local company has shown ingenuity by focusing on the circular economy: old electrical appliances are turned into “smart” trash cans.

Grind tobacco, sodium bicarbonate, and natron together, and you get “manga.” This addictive substance is popular among young Banguisians for treating sinusitis, flu, and even snake bites. Its therapeutic virtues are assumed but its harmfulness is proven.

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