Afrique Hebdo – Niang Cook, TikTokeur who makes African kitchens sing

Traditional and easy to make dishes, with family or friends, this is the recipe for success for Cheikh Niang aka “Niang Cook”.

One of the most followed culinary TikTokeurs, he explains how to prepare his essential recipes, including mafé, madesu from Congo, yassa with meatballs, garba or even bonava from Mauritania.He published his first recipe book entitled “Cuisine d’Afrique et d’ailleurs” published by Solar.

Also on the menu for this show:

Kenya, talent pool for tech giants

Now dubbed the “Silicon Savannah”, Nairobi is attracting major digital companies. GAFAM comes to recruit young graduates, computer scientists and various specialists in the technological field. The start-up nation has even made the teaching of coding compulsory for students starting in primary school.

Africube to conquer the cooking broth market

It is a women’s cooperative and a Togolese entrepreneur that is the origin of “Africube”, a small cube broth that intends to conquer a market dominated by foreign multinationals. It is made locally with healthy products and without artificial flavors or colours.

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