Egypt’s Continued Endeavors to Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the Gaza Strip

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, head of the State Information Service, confirmed that Egypt is continuing its efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, pointing to the volume of aid that was brought into the Strip during the first day of the truce.

Friday, November 24, 2023, witnessed the entry of 200 aid trucks and 2 cars. An ambulance was donated by the Long Live Egypt Fund, as well as a number of trucks to field hospitals in the Gaza Strip, where 15 trucks belonging to the Jordanian field hospital were admitted, and 11 trucks belonging to the Emirati field hospital.

Accompanied by their own crew, and 17 injured people were received, accompanied by 15 people, and 12 Among the injured Palestinians who and their companions traveled to the UAE and Turkey .

Rashwan noted the return of a group of Palestinian individuals stranded in Egypt to the Gaza Strip, based on their desire, and their number reached 134 Palestinians.

The head of the State Information Service concluded his statements by emphasizing the success of the first day of the truce, whether by a complete ceasefire and preventing Israeli aircraft from flying over the Gaza Strip, or by completing the exchange of prisoners and detainees under full Egyptian supervision, or by the entry of medical, food, and fuel supplies to the residents of the Strip, stressing that New on the continuation of Egyptian efforts to ensure the success of all provisions of the truce to limit the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis for our brothers in the Gaza Strip .

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