Former Guinea President Camara Returns to Prison Following Jailbreak

Calm has returned to Conakry on Sunday after the escape of four prisoners. Three of them, including former president Dadis Camara, returned to their cells on Saturday night. But not Claude Pivi, the former junta security minister, who is still actively being sought by the authorities.

During the investigation and police action to recapture the escapees, unofficial sources said a soldier fired on an ambulance failing to comply to orders and shots were fired. Two people were killed – a doctor and a girl, 6.

A government delegation led by Prime Minister Bernard Goumou met the family of the deceased, and expressed compassion to the grieving families.

He also launched an appeal to the nation: “I would like to tell our populations to remain calm, to maintain serenity and for everyone to go about their business peacefully.

The investigations opened after this attempted escape from the central house will be successful. The government is committed to shedding light on these events.”

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