France faces criticism at UN for alleged police brutality, discrimination based on race and religion

Numerous countries expressed concern about police violence in France, including against protesters, at the United Nations on Monday.

France is heading into another day of mass demonstrations while the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) raised problems with attacks on migrants, religious intolerance and racial profiling.

During the review, Sweden’s representative demanded that France address the allegations of extensive use of force by police and gendarmes against protestors transparently.

Denmark, Liechtenstein, and Norway were among other countries that raised similar concerns, alongside Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, despite facing allegations of human rights violations and police violence themselves.

The criticism arrives as France expects up to 1.5 million protesters to mark the May 1 workers day, amid the divisive pension law that has sparked anger and social unrest.

Several countries including the United States and China urged France to do more to battle racial and religious discrimination during Monday’s review.

Sabrine Balim, a judicial advisor with the French interior ministry, claimed that France’s use of force was controlled and sanctioned, and racial profiling was condemned.

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