Isis Militants in Somalia Receive Jail Sentences from Court

Mogadishu — A top military court in Somalia on Saturday announced prison sentences against convicted ISIS operatives held for terrorism charges.

Abdikani Aden Ali (Elmi) and Ahmed Ali Dirie (Moallim Ahmed), each received 8 years of imprisonment for playing role in Mogadishu attacks, according to court verdict.

The defendants were detained by security forces in October this year during an operation in Dharkenley District and held in police custody for questioning.

They fell to police hands while plotting bomb attacks in the capital. The capture of one carrying hand grenades in a plastic bag led to the arrest of the second who was in a Mosque waiting to take over the bombs.

The military court said the two have one month to appeal against the ruling, if failed they will serve the prison terms.

The ISIS branch in Somalia was established by a former Al-Shabaab preacher Sheikh Abdulkadir Mumin in October 2015. The group is based in Bari region’s hills under Puntland.

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