Kenya: NCPB Compensates Farmers Who Bought Substandard Fertilizer

Nairobi — The National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB) has began compensating farmers who received substandard fertilizer under the government subsidy program.

In a statement, the board’s managing director Titus Maiyo stated that the compensation is in line with a recent directive given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development(MOALD).

He pointed out that affected farmers should lodge formal complaints, present their original IDs and proof of purchase.

The said fertilizers from KEL were labeled as Kelphos Plus, Kelphos Gold, and NPK 10:26:10

“NCPB has begun to compensate farmers who bought substandard fertilizers. This follows a directive from MOALD, that all farmers who bought the fertilizer be compensated,” he stated.

Furthermore, NCPB has urged farmers who may have not yet utilized the fertilizer to immediately return the product to NCPB stores where they will be issued with an equivalent amount of the planting fertilizer.

Maiyo has further assured that it will also issue farmers who may have utilized the fertilizers also with an equivalent amount of top-dressing fertilizer.

“All farmers who have utilized the fertilizer and NCPB has verified that the procured from their stores will be issued with an equivalent amount of top dressing fertilizer,” he stated.

This comes a week after KEL stated that it will compensate any farmer who raises a complaint of receiving the alleged substandard fertilizer after it conducts a thorough investigation and analysis of the presented batch.

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