On the second day of the NATO summit, Zelensky, disappointed, expects strong commitments

After a first day in which the leaders of the member states of this military alliance promised that “Ukraine’s future” lay “in NATO”, the Ukrainian president is hoping for even more, although he will not be given a precise timetable. Follow hour by hour the development of the NATO summit and the events in Ukraine.

The West will present a plan of long-term commitments to Ukraine’s security on Wednesday, on the second day of a NATO summit that dashed President Volodymyr Zelensky’s hopes of achieving a precise timetable for his country’s membership of the alliance.

Mr. Zelensky, who sharply criticized NATO leaders for their unwillingness to integrate Ukraine, dined with them on Tuesday night, shortly after being cheered by a crowd gathered in central Vilnius.

The Ukrainian leader will have talks with the leaders on Wednesday. In an effort to reassure him, the G7 countries (Germany, Canada, US, France, Italy, Japan, UK) should issue a joint statement of support for Kiev in the coming years to help him fight Russia and deter future aggression .


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