Senegal: Ousmane Sonko hospitalized, one of his French lawyers expelled

Opposition leader Ousmane Sonko has been hospitalized in Dakar, according to a statement released by his party on Sunday, August 6. His lawyer, Franco-Spanish national Juan Branco, who was arrested in neighboring Mauritania on Sunday morning, is set to be deported from the country, confirms ‘s correspondent in Senegal.

Senegalese opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was transferred on Sunday, August 6, from the prison where he was being held to the main hospital in Dakar. In addition, on Monday, August 7, Juan Branco, one of his lawyers who is a Franco-Spanish national, was released under judicial control and is set to be deported from the country.

According to a statement released on Sunday afternoon by Ousmane Sonko’s party, he was admitted to the emergency room on Sunday.

The Pastef party warns that it holds the authorities accountable for the health of the opposition leader, who has been on a hunger strike since his arrest on July 30. “We do not have any details about Ousmane Sonko’s health condition,” said correspondent Elimane Ndao.

The “Branco saga”

On Monday morning, Juan Branco, one of his lawyers, was deported from the country. A “saga” that continues to captivate the Senegalese public opinion.

“The Public Prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant against the Franco-Spanish national a month ago. To everyone’s surprise, the lawyer spectacularly showed up at the press conference of Ousmane Sonko’s lawyers on July 30 in Dakar, before disappearing.

He was arrested in Mauritania before being repatriated by the versatile intervention brigade, an elite police unit. He is now deported from Senegal and under judicial control,” summarizes the journalist.

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