Ukrainian Army Claims to Have Shot Down Four Cruise Missiles

The Ukrainian army has declared that it has shot down four cruise missiles. On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the armed forces had shot down two drones on Sunday night in the regions of Bryansk and Kursk, near the Ukrainian border. Find the latest developments of this war hour by hour on our page.


Russia launched a nighttime offensive against Ukraine on Sunday, sending missiles to the north and center of the country, authorities said.

The Ukrainian army has declared that it shot down four of the cruise missiles, representing up to eight airborne targets detected in total.

The governor of the Kiev region, Ruslan Kravchenko, stated that two people were injured and 10 buildings were damaged by missile debris in an unspecified area of ​​the region.

Russia has conducted regular airstrikes involving missiles and drones against Ukrainian centers far from the front line as part of its large-scale invasion that has been going on for 18 months.

6:27 am: Russia claims to have shot down two drones over the Kursk and Bryansk regions

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the armed forces had shot down two drones on Sunday night in two regions adjacent to Ukraine.

One drone was shot down over the Bryansk region in Russia to the west, and another in the Kursk region, the Defense Ministry said on the Telegram messaging app, without specifying any potential damage or casualties.

4:18 am: Ukraine says it repelled an aerial attack on Kiev, the country on high alert for an air raid

Ukraine’s air defense systems prevented a Russian aerial attack on the outskirts of Kiev early Sunday, the military administration of the capital said on Telegram. A Reuters witness also reported the sound of explosions. The whole of Ukraine was under an air raid alert at 5 am (02:00).

Russia claimed on Saturday to have shot down three Ukrainian drones approaching Moscow and in a border region of Ukraine, where six civilians were injured in a Ukrainian strike. In addition, a Russian bombing of a village killed two people near Kupyansk.

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