Waging War on Terrorism and Corruption

Waging a systematic war against corruption with the same intensity and magnitude as the war on terror-Al-Khawaarij, in which the current government led by President Hassan Sh. Mahamoud has earned respect from the Somali people.

People and governments in the region and the 193 member states of United Nations for his leadership and consistence of wing the war. Somali become a symbol of courage and decisive decision making paradigm-shift on how to effectively confront malignant and malicious terrorist groups who caused havoc and destruction for 20 years in our country. I concur, the presidents three important points of his last statements,

What is next; if we liberate our country from terrorism. What is next when we complete the Dept relief and what is next when we as a country when stop begging for financial support from foreign countries.

Mr. President, allow me to suggest if we don’t begin declaring war effectively against Corruption all the above success under your honorable leadership will be in vain. Efficient & effective way to build good governs and result-oriented public sector management as well as the revival check and balance within the government institutions are key for a clear future for Somalia. The current government is on the right track to increase political accountability, retrace and re-claim the democratic values which we championed in the African Continent in the 60th as a young, unified, an independent country, yes we can achieve it again.

Our own history admits that democracy not only ensures good and accountable government institutions with checks and balances, but also empowers the citizens to participate and hold their government accountable. Our forefathers fought for the liberation of the country from European colonial rulers, therefore, it us, our generation that must stand up and liberate the country from the extremist ideology and corruption. 

Corruption is a dangerous epidemic that has a wide range of destructive effects on government institutions in our society at large. It sidetracks funds intended for Social protection development, undermines the ability of the government to provide basic services, breast-feeds inequalities and injustices, while, it  doesn’t only discourages honest and trustworthy Somalis to come back to their country and help of its future development.

Corruption, also constructs the mistrust of foreign companies invest in the country’s rich resources such as oil, gas, blue-economy, large, livestock. These are resources that would eventually generate needed hard currency and allow us to makebetter life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial fallout of the country, while making betterdevelopment decisions, and prevent the country to shoulder the burden of becoming indebted ever again.

The significance of damages and risks posed by corruption to the stability and security of Somalia gets to the point where it is the main factor that has weakened our government institutionsfor long time, that said; I voice my ultimate and paramount trust to our president Dr. Hassan Sh. Mahamoud and Prime Minster Hamza Abdi Barre’ for their diligence, persistence and vision for better Somalia. I believe as our president’s said “ better days are ahead”

The current Somali government has been paying increased attention to corruption and looks mechanisms to get rid of it. For one thing, we all realize that corruption has very high costs for our society in particular since we are emerging from conflict. Corruption keeps the country in a cycle of weakness, constant threat to fall back to conflict, and violence from armed groups and criminal networks like Al-Shabab.

When money and resources that are available to the government are diverted by corrupt officials, instead of being channeled for the benefit of citizens and social protection services, it ruins all prospects of economic development. This, in turn, can create further instability and violence. Therefore, corruption, governance, and conflict are all intertwined. 

Its undeniable to fact that Somalia is facing multi-layeredsetbacks which include, infestation of global terrorism in the country, as well as drought and famine where thousands of people die each year. Following this, there’s the rainy season, which comes with heavy floods which wreak havoc to communities. To break this cycle crisis and disaster, we must fight corruption.

The private gain obtained by corrupt public officials, who have been entrusted to administer and implement public service at the expense of both the common good and of those who don’t cheat the system is bizarre. In this sense, corruption is widely viewed as an immoral practice and must be dealt with severe punishment and long jail terms. 

Where and how did you obtain this” must get to the ears of corrupt officials and every government institution must be assessed and audited. Corruption creates a system where money and connection determine who has access to public services and who receives favorable treatment within the government institutions.

These practices have particular consequences in countries, like ours, emerging from conflict. Money collected through taxes and needed for development of public services, like roads, utilities, education, health care for all, and transportation, are diverted by greed and desire to survive and get ahead thoughtlessly.

The trust of the Somali people to their governments can be built by fighting corruption in the government institutions including Courts and Justices system “ injustices is the single, most direct and vital cause of our country’s problems’ today, injustices is the cause of poverty, injustices robes the dignity of every Somali from their human dignity and it saws the seeds of insecurity.

Finally, corruption has links to conflict. Certainly, thirty years of conflict takes its toll on  the government and people of Somalia, nevertheless, it’s rewarding that president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud declared a war to be waged against corruption.

The success of this war will not only lead us to a rapid recovery, development and progress in Somalia, but it will pave the way that international organizations, such as INGO’s and local NGO’s  are also held accountable, with rigorous auditing and assessment of  the whereabouts of billions of dollars, these organizations received in the name of Somalia. With that, I am certain, the cycle of corruption, conflict, crises and disasters will be weakened to the margins of decline. 


Dahir Salad Hassan


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