A week in the world – Vladimir Putin, a weakened president after the Wagner uprising?

After Yevgeny Prigojine’s aborted rebellion, Vladimir Putin tries to regain control. While Alexander Lukashenko says he welcomes Wagner’s troops and his leader in Belarus, is power in Russia crumbling? And what happens to the various generals?

The second consequence of this rebellion: the presence of Wagner troops in Africa. The United States announced new sanctions against mercenary activities in the Central African Republic. What future for the paramilitary group in Africa?

This week also the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which continues to the south and east, especially towards Bakhmout. The Russian bombardment is intensifying at the same time.

Several nights of violence in France after the death of Nahel, killed by a policeman. Several hundred people arrested in many cities. The police officer was charged with intentional homicide and remanded in custody. Emmanuel Macron confirms that “additional funds” will be deployed in light of the unrest. The establishment of the state of emergency is demanded by right-wing and right-wing oppositions.

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