Algeria Proposes Six-Month Transition Plan to Military Junta in Niger

According to the Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf, Algeria has proposed a “six-month transitional plan” to the military leaders who seized power in Niger, in order to restore constitutional and democratic order.

The military leaders had initially proposed a three-year plan, but Attaf believes that the process can be completed in six months to prevent the coup d’état from becoming irreversible. Attaf recently visited Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana, three countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), while the deputy head of the ministry separately visited Niamey.
It is unclear if the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum would be included in the proposed transition plan. Algeria’s proposal involves political discussions for up to six months, with the participation and approval of all parties in Niger, under the supervision of a civilian body led by a consensus figure. Minister Attaf reiterated Algeria’s opposition to any armed intervention in Niger, considering it a direct threat to Algeria.
ECOWAS announced its intention to deploy West African forces to restore constitutional order in Niger, a decision that Attaf warns could have catastrophic consequences and lead to an influx of migrants. He also emphasized that a new conflict in the region could exacerbate terrorism and organized crime.

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