Creativity starts with imagination

Creativity starts from imagination, and if we had not imagined, dreamed and fancied, we would not have realized all these achievements, and no human being would have been able to achieve all these inventions and innovations.

Imagination is the first pillar, and it was the beginning of man’s primitive looks towards the sky, the stars and the moon, and his imagining that he was flying like birds.

This imagination has turned into a practical process on the ground, and this imagination has moved from paper, study and science, to reality, as experiments and practice, to the real revolution we are witnessing today in the world of aviation, and the same situation you will find in every joint of human development, and in every scientific field.

Such a great impact of imagination is not a product of today, or of the present age, or of the period in which we live, but rather it is ancient at the initial emergence of humankind. If we go back to the early ages of man, to the depth of human history, we will find that imagination and dreams were present and existed permanently and continuously.

The process of imagination is part of the human being, and part of the original, as it is not emergency or modern, but you will find that it has a great temporal dimension in his memory, and the various aspects of his life. The eras that are classified as the stone ages, we will find signs of inscriptions and engravings inside the caves, which indicates a wide process of imagination, which was intrigued by the ancient man.

The abundance and diversity of food, and what archaeologists found in these caves are drawings and painted figures. The language in that era was figurative, not literal, meaning that the expression of the ancient man was before the discovery of the language itself, and most of his subjects and targets were his fantasies or desires in reality.

The process of imagination in man is not surprising, or it is specific to one group without another, but rather it is general and comprehensive. Imagination has a fundamental and important function for a person, and it is an existential necessity that helps him to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Imagination has always been the best way to find solutions and overcome difficulties.

Written by: Mohamoud Ahmed Yusuf, Head of Audit Operations, Finance and Compliance at the Central Bank of Somalia.

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